Barcode PNGs: What They Are and How to Use Them

What is a Barcode PNG?

A barcode PNG is a virtual photograph of a barcode. Barcodes are optical machine-readable representations of statistics, and they are used to pick out merchandise, items, and different objects. PNG is an image file layout that helps lossless compression, making it an awesome desire for storing barcode pictures.

Barcode PNGs may be created for the usage of an expansion of software program programs, such as barcode turbines and photograph-enhancing software programs. As soon as a barcode PNG has been completed, it could be used in a selection of ways, together with:

  • Printing on product labels
  • Storing in a database
  • displaying on a website
  • Scanning with a barcode reader

How to Create a Barcode PNG ?

To create a barcode PNG, use a barcode generator. There are many free and commercial barcode generators available online. Once you have chosen a barcode generator, select the type of barcode you want to create.. A few commonplace barcode sorts consist of:

EAN-13This is the most common barcode format in the world. It is used to identify products in retail stores.
UPC-AThis is a similar barcode format to EAN-13, but it is used in the United States and Canada.
Code 39This is a barcode format that can be used to encode alphanumeric characters. It is often used in industrial settings.
ITF-14This is a barcode format that is used to identify shipping containers.

The barcode generator will then create a barcode PNG photo. you may store this image on your laptop or print it out.

Where to Use Barcode PNGs

Barcode PNGs can be utilized in an expansion of methods. some common uses encompass:

Product labels: Barcodes are often published on product labels to identify the product and to make it easier to experiment with the product at the checkout counter.
Stock control: Barcodes may be used to sell stock degrees in a warehouse or retail store.
Transport: Barcodes are used to pick out shipping boxes and to tune the motion of products within the delivery chain.
Medical data: Barcodes can be used to perceive sufferers and to song their scientific statistics.
Get right of entry to manipulate: Barcodes may be used to govern get right of entry to to confined regions.

Top 4 Free and Commercial Barcode Generators

Barcode GeneratorThis is a free online barcode generator that supports a variety of barcode formats.
Barcode StudioThis is a commercial barcode generator that offers a wider range of features than the free online generators.
Barcode DragonThis is another commercial barcode generator that is popular among businesses.
BarcodeXpertThis is a free barcode generator that is designed for businesses.
Barcode PNG


Barcode PNGs can be used in a variety of ways. They are a convenient and efficient way to encode data and to identify items. If you need to create or use barcodes, then barcode PNGs are a good choice.

Additional Info:

Barcode formats: there are many unique barcode formats available. a number of the most commonplace codecs encompass:

  • EAN-thirteen: that is the most not unusual barcode layout within the global. it’s far used to become aware of merchandise in retail stores.
  • UPC-A: that is a similar barcode format to EAN-13, however it’s miles used in the america and Canada.
  • Code 39: this is a barcode layout that can be used to encode alphanumeric characters. it’s miles often utilized in commercial settings.
  • ITF-14: that is a barcode layout that is used to discover delivery bins.

Barcode turbines: there are many unfastened and commercial barcode turbines to be had on line. some popular barcode mills include:

  • Barcode Generator: that is a loose on-line barcode generator that supports an expansion of barcode formats.
  • Barcode Studio: this is a business barcode generator that gives a wider range of functions than the free on-line generators.
  • Barcode Scanners: Barcode scanners are gadgets which are used to examine barcodes. they are regularly utilized in retail stores to test product labels on the checkout counter.


1. What is the difference between a barcode PNG and a barcode image?

AA barcode PNG is a digital image of a barcode. A barcode photograph, on the other hand, is any type of photo that contains a barcode. For instance, a barcode photo is likely a JPEG or PNG photo that has been scanned from a product label.

2. What are the benefits of using barcode PNGs?

Barcode PNGs have several benefits over other types of barcode images, including:

  • they’re smaller in file size, which makes them less difficult to keep and transmit.
  • they may be extra efficient to experiment, that can improve the rate of checkout.
  • they are more immune to harm, that could help to make sure that they are readable for longer durations of time.


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