Top 10 Most Famous Lakes Of Pakistan

Pakistan is blessed with breathtaking landscapes, and its lakes aren’t any exception. those herbal wonders no longer handiest captivate with their beauty but also hold deep importance. From the serene northern areas to the picturesque valleys, here are the pinnacle 10 most well-known, beautiful, and inner most lakes in Pakistan, every presenting a completely unique mixture of tranquility and grandeur.

Lakes Of Pakistan:

  1. Saif-ul-Mulook Lake:
    Nestled amidst the Himalayan range inside the Kaghan Valley, Saif-ul-Mulook Lake stands as an iconic brand of attraction. Surrounded by snow-capped peaks, this lake’s azure waters replicate the majestic environment, developing a surreal landscape. Its depth of around 50 meters provides to its mystique, making it certainly one of Pakistan’s private lakes.
  2. Sheosar Lake:
    located within the plains of Deosai countrywide Park, Sheosar Lake unveils an otherworldly landscape. Its replicate-like surface mirrors the boundless sky, earning it the moniker “Blind Lake.” Its depth reaches approximately forty meters, in addition including to the allure of this captivating destination.
  3. Attabad Lake:
    A introduction of nature’s fury changed into splendor, Attabad Lake changed into born from a landslide inside the Hunza Valley. The turquoise waters in opposition to the backdrop of rugged mountains create a enthralling evaluation. With a intensity exceeding 100 meters, it holds each tragedy and attraction in its depths.
  4. Satpara Lake:
    Nestled in Skardu, the heart of Gilgit-Baltistan, Satpara Lake boasts crystal-clear waters that reflect the towering peaks. At a intensity of around 50 meters, the lake’s surroundings echo with tranquility, making it a fave amongst trekkers and nature enthusiasts.
  5. Rama Lake:
    Enveloped by way of pine forests and alpine meadows, Rama Lake in Astore Valley exudes serenity. This glacial lake, round 40 meters deep, showcases the sublime splendor of Pakistan’s northern regions. The lake’s stillness juxtaposed with the lush surroundings creates an unforgettable vista.
  6. Shangrila Lake (decrease Kachura Lake):
    Dubbed the “Heaven on the planet,” Shangrila Lake near Skardu mesmerizes traffic with its airy splendor. Set against a backdrop of mountains, the lake’s depth of approximately 20 meters adds to its appeal. it’s an area where you possibly can find solace amid nature’s grandeur.
  7. Lulusar Lake:
    Lulusar Lake, the largest natural lake at an altitude of over three,000 meters, is a gateway to Naran Valley. Its pristine waters and a depth of about 50 meters make it a vital source of the Kunhar River. the encircling mountains and the mirrored image of clean skies make it a photograph-perfect sight.
  8. Karambar Lake:
    Perched in the far flung Ishkomen Valley, Karambar Lake stays a hidden gem. Surrounded by lofty peaks, the lake’s depth exceeds 55 meters, contributing to its enigmatic allure. Its remoted location provides to the sense of journey for people who embark on the adventure to witness its splendor.
  9. Phander Lake:
    Phander Lake, nestled in the Ghizer Valley, gives a harmonious combination of colors and calmness. Its depth of around 40 meters is mirrored by the encompassing inexperienced meadows and alpine vegetation, developing a visual symphony that attracts nature fanatics.
  10. Rush Lake:
    positioned near the scenic Hopar Valley, Rush Lake claims the name of being Pakistan’s highest alpine lake. situated at an altitude of approximately four,694 meters, its depth of about 50 meters adds to its mystique. The panoramic view of close by peaks makes it a trekker’s paradise and a photographer’s pride.


Pakistan’s lakes stand as testimony to the u . s . a .’s various and breathtaking natural splendor. From the depths of Saif-ul-Mulook to the heights of Rush Lake, each lake is a testimony to the grandeur and serenity that the region offers. these aquatic marvels now not only enrich the landscape however additionally keep a special vicinity within the hearts of those who have witnessed their magnificence.


How many lakes are in Pakistan?

There are around 60 lakes in Pakistan.

What is the largest lake in Pakistan?

The largest lake in Pakistan is the Manchar Lake.

Which is the most deepest lake in Pakistan?

Karambar Lake is the deepest lake in Pakistan.

Which is beautiful lake in Pakistan?

NameLocationDistance from Islamabad
1. Lulusar LakeKaghan Valley, Mansehra District, KPK338km
2. Attabad LakeAttabad, Gilgit−Baltistan, Pakistan622km
3. Lake Saiful MulukNaran290km


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